Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco


AWAYN IMAGE Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco
AWAYN IMAGE Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco
AWAYN IMAGE Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco
AWAYN IMAGE Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco
AWAYN IMAGE Chaouen Chefchaouen Morocco

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Chefchaouen, also known as Chaouen or Xauen is a small town located in northwestern Morocco, near Tetuan. It is located between the Rif Mountains and is in the Tangier-Tetouan region.

This city is unique in the world and we can even say that within all the blue cities in different countries it is the bluest. Its enormous beauty attracts thousands of tourists a year who are captivated by its peculiar charm.

The medina (old part of the city) is impregnated with blue since the facades of the buildings are painted in this color making this place a magical environment that refers us to the concept of sea or sky while stepping on the mainland.

According to historians, the reason why the walls of this beautiful city are colored blue seems to come from the Jewish refugees present in the place in 1930 and the intention to decorate the facades in such a way symbolizes the blue sky that alludes to the abstract concept of freedom.

An unforgettable memory

According to neuropsychologists and education specialists, the memories are especially linked to our sensory perceptions, that is, to those perceived through our sense organs, especially through sight and smell, a memory being printed on our brain That will evoke sensations probably for the rest of our life.

Also, we can take some stunning photographs that will enhance the beauty of the contrasts between the blue of the city and any other element. However, the most beautiful photograph will be the one stored in our memories.

The streets of the city turn each step into a picturesque setting, full of emotions and beauty.

Curiosities of the blue city

Many of its inhabitants maintain that there are hardly any mosquitoes in their city at almost any time of the year and this seems to lie in the blue color of their facades that do not attract these insects at all. Much of the doors of the houses and shops of this magnificent place are decorated in blue tones to harmonize the environment. The neighbors usually hang pots with plants on the facades of their houses, which produce a rich contrast with their blue color, thus achieving an unmatched optical effect. 

Multicultural architecture

The buildings of the city are an architectural combination with Arabic, Hispanic and Jewish elements that together constitute particular works worthy of being photographed.

A little history

The city was founded on the site of a small Berber population in 1471. It was built on a valley. At the highest point, there are the Ras al-Ma springs. The center of the city is the square of Uta al-Hammam, where the fortress is located and a mosque with an octagonal base tower. 

A well-preserved city

For centuries, Chefchaouen was considered a sacred city, so tourists were not allowed to enter. It is likely that for this reason, it has remained in such a good state that it still has its alterations practically negligible.


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