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7 mile hike in Charons Garden Mountains

Trail is a well marked for the most part. It's not what you expect for Oklahoma , but neither is the rest of the Wichita Mountains. From the sunset trail head you can access the backcountry and get great views with options to continue on and see things like the Crab Eyes (two boulders on a ridge that look like their namesake). You can continue to follow the trail towards the Treasure Lake campground but beware that there is a massive boulder field in the middle of the trail. . The views and exposed large granite rocks are awesome. It would be nice if the backcountry permits were a little easier to get. I was told they were booked but yet I saw not a single tent. Obviously I did not cover all 5000 acres though. The uneven terrain can make for a moderately strenuous hike. Be careful of getting rim rocked if you go off trail.


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