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Château de Bonneval

This is a spot with 1000 years of Bonneval family history along with the legend of the Devil Tower, settled in Western France's Haute-Viennce region as early aristocratic homes. The construction of the castle began in the early 11th century as the documents provided, and the legends of the devil's visit then painted the castle in a spooky light for over a year. The legend says the earthquake shook this village long ago and resulted in the crumbling of its Bonneval residence. Soon after, a strange traveler arrived in this area to stay for a night when he was allowed to stay and later told Mother Bonneval that he would use magic to repair the city in just 24 hours just to get his daughters marriage arranged in return. His is privately owned and inhabited. Marte does her utmost to make your visit as enjoyable as it can be. She serves several different types of tourists from all over the world! Visit their website to find out if "ground pass" or "aperatively guided tour by the owners" would suit you best. Or a market for Xmas. 


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