Château de Montségur


AWAYN IMAGE Château de Montségur
AWAYN IMAGE Château de Montségur
AWAYN IMAGE Château de Montségur

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A big bonfire was arranged for 200 Cathars, being led by their bishop named ‘Bertrand Marty’ who walked through the fortified Montsegur village, in the year 1244 on 16th of March. They chose to walk into the fire with no stake. This spot is recognized with its tragic history even today. This place has a sort of spiritual aura associated to it where the connection can be felt with the lives of past while the ruins observed today are not actually of the Cathar fortress but of 17th century defensive castle of France however, its stones are said to be taken from older construction. It's not too bad to climb (looks worse than it is). However, we strongly recommend that you find accommodation elsewhere. Websites and email were not working. The only place open was full and the other locals were unhelpful and outright rude, including in the tourist office / museum, something we hadn't encountered before in 35 years of traveling in France, speaking the language. 

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