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Check out Malibu’s Corral Canyon Trail

Corral Canyon Trail near Malibu, California, is one of the most scenic hiking trails in the area. Covering a loop of 2.3 miles this moderate hike features a river, a lot of spectacular views, wildflowers, and it is accessible throughout the year. If you live near Malibu, or ever visit this area and want to see the best of it, then Corral Canyon Trail is the right experience for you. 

With only 524 feet of elevation gain, this trail is suitable for everyone who loves hiking, and dogs on a leash are welcomed to join their owners as well. 

You can run or jog on this trail, but with caution as sometimes there are mud and rock slides, but only occasionally. Also, some parts of the trail are overgrown, so pay additional attention to this, especially if jogging. 

Corral Canyon was an extraordinary and totally different trail in the past, but due to many fires and floods, the terrain completely changed. However, the "new" scenery is also attractive, displaying burnt trees, but also amazing ocean views that are even clearer now due to lack of vegetation. 

Corral Canyon Trail is still a mind-blowing hiking experience, no matter how much the landscaped suffered. Tall flowers, butterflies in your face, and ocean vistas that leave everyone breathless is what you can expect from this trail. 

If you prefer neat and trimmed greenery and don't want to get touched by the plants that are grow freely after the wildfires, then probably you will get upset hiking here. But, if your dream hike is walking among wild nature and skip a few branches here and there, then Corral Canyon in Malibu is a hike that you must experience. 

Take a deep breath and check out this extraordinary loop that you'll never forget. BTW, there is a rumor that Jim Morrison lived in a cave somewhere along this trail, so if you are The Doors fan, here's one more reason to visit.



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