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Cheddar Gorge

Visit the highest inland calcareous cliffs in Britain rising 450 ft and explore the depths of amazing stalactite caverns below which have been formed over millions of years by Ice Age melt-waters. Whether you're interested in nature, history or geology, or just want to see some amazing views, it doesn't matter; you'll discover all facets of Gorge & Caves Cheddar.


The Cheddar Gorge & Caves are designated as an area of exceptional natural beauty, a site of special scientific interest and a special conservation area. You can see a variety of flora including the pink Cheddar, early purple orchids and the unusual Twin Cliffs, Gough's Rock and whitebeam Cheddar. In addition to an abundance of wildlife from insects such as tiny pearl-bordered fritillaries, violet oil beetles and green orb-weaver spiders to woodland animals such as the large spotted woodpecker and tree creepers to the larger and smaller horseshoe bats living in the caves.


Learn about the results produced by archeologists in the caves of the Prehistory Museum from prehistoric past. This involves the discovery in 1903 of the earliest, full skeleton, known as' Cheddar Man,' dating back more than 9,000 years ago to the Mesolithic Age.


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