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Chill in Jardin du Luxembourg

The 'Jardin du Luxembourg', is a beautiful backdrop to the Palais du Luxembourg also known as the "Luco" was founded in 1612 on the orders of Marie de Medicis, mother of Louis XIII to assuage her longing for the Pitti Palace in Florence, where she had spent her childhood.

The main part of the park is a large French-style garden with a large circular pond surrounded by statues and trees in pots. Symmetrical lawns surrounded by borders filled with plants, gravel paths, clipped bushes, trees and more figures including a model of the Statue of Liberty, form much of the park.  On the east side of the garden is the delightful Medici fountain built in the style of a grotto which was a popular style at the time. At the end is a sculpture of the giant Polyphemus spying on the lovers Acis and Galatea. In the southern part of the garden, there is an English style garden plus an orchard bearing ancient and forgotten varieties of apples. 

You can also check out the Musee de Luxembourg which has some great art exhibitions and the Orangerie which houses plants from the Mediterranean region. Prestigious temporary art exhibitions, such as ‘Cézanne et Paris’'. Nobody can create gardens like the French, and the Luxembourg gardens stand above them all. So, Stroll, grab a coffee and a book or paper, or just people-watch. It's the place Parisians come to play on the most beautiful days. Consider it a garden-version of the beach. 




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