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Chill in the Termas de Aquis Querquennis

In the province of Ourense, deep into the heart of the mountains, lies a place called Os Baños. There you will find the old Roman campsite of Aquis Querquennis, simply known as A Cidá. The view is breathless: the ancient roman ruins facing the river, the luxurious sea of green trees surrounding the area and the mountains all around you. You feel like you've traveled back in time, and you can almost feel the presence of the Roman Centurions and Soldiers, who left the place in the 2nd century. And suddenly, near this campsite, you notice something: the well preserved ancient Roman Baths. The hot water comes out of the rock and fills these old stone pools. The water is amazing, even said to be miraculous for your health. The different pools have different water temperatures, so you can choose the one you’re more comfortable in. It’s a relaxing experience and you would not want to get out of there so soon.

My advice would be to go there in the summer, since in the winter the river water’s rise and may cover the pools. It is completely free to use.


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