Camelback Mountain


AWAYN IMAGE Camelback Mountain
AWAYN IMAGE Camelback Mountain
AWAYN IMAGE Camelback Mountain
AWAYN IMAGE Camelback Mountain

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I live literally few blocks away from this place! so after hiking nearly every trail in the metro Phoenix valley, I can say without a doubt Camelback is the best when it comes to a challenging, accessible, and beautiful hike! You have two trails to choose from: Echo Canyon on the north (parking lot, restrooms, steeper but shorter) and Cholla (street parking, no restroom, longer but a more gradual climb with switchbacks). Expect to take between 2.5-3 hours to complete this hike. I personally enjoy the challenge of Echo better, but Cholla is awesome too as long as you can find good parking nearby. Keep in mind there are streets that do not allow parking for hikers--look for the signs, you can't miss them. When you finally get to the top, you get an awe-inspiring 360 view of the valley! You can get a similar view atop Piestewa Peak but honestly it's not the same. Note: For tourists/those who haven't hiked Camelback before, be warned it is pretty excruciating, especially in the heat of summer. Don't risk it unless you know you can handle it. There are rescues nearly every day in the summer because of dehydration/heat exhaustion. Know your limits and bring plenty of water!

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