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Climb to Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is one of only two active volcanoes in Continental Europe, around 1,281 meters high, with a central cone symmetrical and steep wooded slopes. The entire National Park of Mount Vesuvius is beautiful and vibrant, dotted with small farms and wineries planted with varieties of heirloom with a unique terroir. 


Since the 1600's, the adventurous have ascended the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, as the crater was deemed one of the most "exotic" destinations on the Grand Tour, drawing visitors from northern Europe who had never seen a volcano. Although Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano, that doesn't mean it could suddenly start spewing out lava while you're halfway up.

Before a volcano like this has any activity, there are warning signs. Technology these days means you're going to be able to predict an eruption at least two weeks in advance. The trek to the top is steep and slippery, so wear good trainers or walking shoes. Once at the top, 30 minutes will be enough. So allow a total of around 90 minutes. Some small areas to buy drinks and souvenirs.


The views inside the volcano are great, and the views of the bay stunning. You will be advised what time your bus will return and take you back down to the station.


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