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Hike Cloud Climbing Rail Trail- NM

This hike is great. You start at the top and hike all the way down. And of course you have to go up all over again. The terrain is not that rough, what gets rough is the climb back up. Make sure you bring water, more than likely you will need it if you do the loop. You will hear lots of birds. They are hard to spot we carries photo gear and dos the hike with out any problems. The season recommendation for this hike is spring or fall because of temperatures, but we did this hike in the summer to take advantage of the 15 degree temperature difference between Las Cruces and Cloudcroft. It also helped that most of the hike was through beautiful, shaded old-growth pine forest. The trail head is behind the depot replica. The Cloud Climbing Trail itself is really the overarching name for the trail network in this area, so the signs you'll want to follow are for Mexican Canyon.


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