Autum hike to Cloudland Canyon State Park


AWAYN IMAGE Autum hike to Cloudland Canyon State Park
AWAYN IMAGE Autum hike to Cloudland Canyon State Park
AWAYN IMAGE Autum hike to Cloudland Canyon State Park

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Cloudland Canyon is easy to find. Everyone in the area raves about how gorgeous it is. Whenever I verbalized with someone about going there after hand gliding, they all verbalized it's a great experience so I couldn't wait to go. It is a state park so you pay $5 per car. There is a nice looking camping area, and it looks fantastic to they have rental cabins up by the East Rim trail. We did not receive an information booklet, and I would ask for one, if you are orchestrating on hiking.We wanted to hike to Hemlock and Cherokee falls. One site I had visited, everyone suggested to hike to Hemlock first (definitely the hardest) since you can take is "clearly easy" once you get back to the cutoff for Cherokee falls.We went in October when the temperature was in the low 70s. Thank goodness for that! We had been told there are 600 stairs and I believe it! I am thankful it wasn't any sultrier or sultry. As you are walking down to Hemlock, be sure to look up at all the dangling rocks and the one dead tree. We ambulate expeditiously in these areas.There withal is an astronomically immense sign caveat of falling rocks....

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