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Boating Rocks National Lakeshore

I had read that the best way to see the rocks was to take a boat tour, so scheduled the morning tour before we left home to go on our Michigan trip. What a beautiful, artistically inspirational place! The commentary on our boat was very informative and professionally provided. The boat was comfortable and the captain and crew did a great job. There is only a small area of the boat in which you can stand (for example, to take pictures or get a closer look at the rocks). My only issue was actually with another passenger who didn't use common photography courtesy and stayed at the railing, blocking others from being able to take pictures. Everyone else was good about getting a picture and moving out the way. I wish we had scheduled more time for the area and taken some of the hikes. We also learned about the kayak trips while we were on the boat. What a cool thing, being taken out to the beautiful spots by boat, then getting in a kayak. If we come back this way, we're doing that!


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