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Hiking at Loy Butte and Red Dark mountain of Sedona

The trailhead for Loy Canyon is located 10 miles west of Sedona on US 89A, then turn right onto Forest Road 525. Take the right fork after 2.7 miles and the left fork after 5.7 miles. There is a sign that reads, "Loy Butte-4 miles". At 9.2 miles from the highway and just before you cross a tree-lined wash, there is a small Forest Service sign on your right marking the Loy Canyon Trail. Loy has some aggressive spots to hike but the scenery at the top is ridiculous. It is also some of the quietest hikes you will get in Sedona. The hike is rated easy but seroiusly it's not that easy after couple of miles so be ready to hit the crowed and hike a hard line :P


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