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Confluence Park

Confluence Park lies at the South Platte River joining Cherry Creek. Sitting on the edge of Lower Downtown, it is one of Denver's most urban parks.


There are many things to do within walking range of Confluence, combined with nearby parks Commons, City of Cuernavaca Park, Centennial, Fishback and Gates Crescent. There are grounds for baseball and soccer, a dog park, and paths along the riverside.

Confluence Park's core is the parallel pedestrian bridge to the Speer Boulevard Bridge. Looking down from this bridge, I enjoyed the magnificent views of the South Platte River's roaring rapids in downtown Denver. From the bridge perspective, there is an exceptional view of the South Platte River crossing the green shorelines alongside Elitch Gardens and Denver Aquarium to the Mile High Stadium. Looking back, I saw the river flowing between residential buildings under building to the left and Commons Park's green open spaces to the right. I discovered it relaxing to look down on the rushing river and listen to the rapids.


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