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National Mall Trail

A great open space with panoramic views of the U.S. Capitol (which seems bigger in real life), the Washington Monument (currently cloaked in scaffolding) and the Lincoln Memorial.  There's also a most excellent World War II memorial.You wouldn't think a giant strip of grass surrounded by museums would be so awesome - but it is.  Now, take into consideration I'm writing this in February and it is pretty cold out.  The grass is dead looking and they're doing some construction and revitalization.  But there is nothing like looking straight down to the Capitol in one direction, the Washington Monument in the other direction and then the Lincoln Memorial at the end.  It is surrounded by a vast assortment of museums and everything is completely walkable.  I can only imagine how stunning it is on a warm, summer's day.  Beautiful green space in a big city surrounded by beautiful architecture.  I'd love to come back when it is warmer to fully experience it!


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