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Hike in Gore Range Trail

The Gore Range Trail is around 41 mile point-to-point trail located near Silverthorne, Colorado. This was my first backpacking trip. There are a few spots on the way that were breathtaking. Once we got to our last mile the hike became a little more challenging. You'll know you've reached this point once the trail merges near the rock slide. The Willow Lakes are beautiful. The hike from Salmon to Willow is fairly easy, it was a little more challenging because it was muddy next to the creek due to the amount of rain. There are several spots where we thought we had reached the "big" lake and were fooled. I highly recommend resisting the temptation to stop at one of the lower lakes, the last hundred meters or so are a little more steep but well worth the extra effort. The top lake amazing. The fish were jumping all day. The group that came up later that day, on horseback, were fly fishing for a few hours and caught several keepers. We spent most of the day relaxing, gathering fire wood, hiding in the tent during the hail storm, and enjoying the scenery. The next morning we packed everything up and headed back. Gore Range Trail is huge that has access to many lakes and awesome trails. I guarantee you'll go back!


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