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Visit Costa de Caparica

Costa da Caparica is a vibrant and modern resort town adored by the Portuguese, but almost unknown to foreign tourists. The coastline of the Costa da Caparica is simply amazing, famous for its vast sandy beach, powerful surfing seas and beautiful natural scenery, all less than a 20-minute drive from central Lisbon. The Portuguese flock here during the summer, drawn by the beaches, the friendly family atmosphere or the beach parties at the remote beach bars at the late night. 

Most foreign tourists go to the Cascais-Estoril coastline beaches, but the Costa da Caparica is just as great on the beach for a day. This guide will provide an introduction to Costa da Caparica either as a holiday destination or as a day trip from Lisbon, including tourist information, information on the beach and details of travel. Costa da Caparica beach is often considered one of the finest in the Lisbon region, and there is always room to be found due to its huge size, even if a short mini-train ride is needed. Because of its reliable good waves, Costa da Caparica is a popular surfing location. 


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