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Undulating graciously across six counties, the Cotswolds region may be a pleasant tangle of golden villages, thatched cottages, redolent churches and honey-colored mansions. In 1966 it absolutely was selected a part of Outstanding Natural Beauty, surpassed for size in England by the Lake District alone.

No one’s positive what the name means that, however ‘Wolds’ are rolling hills, whereas ‘cots’ can be ‘cotes’, or sheep pens. Actually the region owes its wealth, and exquisite design, to the medieval wool trade, once ‘Cotswold Lion’ sheep were prized across Europe. Attentions later turned towards textiles instead, however the commercial Revolution passed the Cotswolds by. Hailed by artificer within the 19th century as encapsulating an unchanged English rural idyll, it remains each a first-rate dominion and a wanted tourist destination.

Criss-crossed by long-distance trails as well as the 102-mile Cotswold means, these light however dramatic hills square measure excellent for walking, sport and horse riding.


Arlington Row

Bibury's most famous attraction, this beautiful row of rustic cottages – as seen in movies like romance – was originally a 14th-century wool store, before being converted into workers’ lodgings. They overlook Rack isle, a low-lying, swampy space once accustomed dry artifact and graze cows, and currently a life refuge. Coach parties galore arrive to admire the cottages, and stroll the flower-lined lane aboard. If you’d prefer to see a photo, check out the within front cover of a United Kingdom passport.


Corinium museum

Most of this wonderful modern museum is, of course, dedicated to Cirencester’s Roman past; reconstructed rooms, videos and interactive displays bring the age to life. Among the highlights square measure some stunning floor mosaics, unearthed regionally and as well as a 4th-century mosaic portraying the legendary lyre-player mythical being charming animals, and therefore the 2nd-century ‘Jupiter column’, a sculptured capital portraying Graeco-Roman deity and his sottish mates. There’s conjointly a wonderful Anglo-Saxon section, and exhibits on medieval Cirencester and its prosperous wool trade.


Cotswold falconry Centre

Home to over a hundred and fifty birds of prey (owl, vulture, eagle and, of course, falcon), this exciting spot stages displays of the traditional observe of prowess at eleven.30am, 1.30pm and 3pm daily (plus four.30pm April to October). The birds fly best on windy days. Active experiences (from £40) embody a one-hour ‘Flying Start’ throughout that guests get to fly hawks.


Sudeley Castle

During its thousand-year history, this brilliant castle has welcome many monarch, as well as Richard III, Henry VIII and Charles I. half a mile southeast of Winchcombe, it’s most famous because the home and final resting place of Catherine Parr (Henry VIII’s widow), who lived here along with her fourth husband, Thomas Seymour. In reality it’s the sole personal house in England where a queen is buried – Catherine lies in its Perpendicular Gothic St Mary’s Church. It conjointly boasts ten splendid gardens.


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