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Explore the Cotswolds

Waving graciously across six counties, the Cotswolds region is a pleasant knot of golden villages, thatched cottages, redolent churches and honey-colored mansions. This region owes its wealth, and exquisite design, to an economic disaster: the collapse of the woolen industry. 


One of  Cotswolds's most famous attraction is Arlington Row. This beautiful row of rustic cottages was originally a 14th-century wool store, which later converted into workers’ lodgings. 


Cotswold Falconry Centre is also a fantastic place to visit. Home to over a hundred and fifty birds of prey (owl, vulture, eagle and, of course, falcon), this exciting spot stages displays of the traditional observe of prowess at eleven.30am, 1.30pm and 3 pm daily (plus four.30pm April to October). The birds fly best on windy days. Active experiences (from £40) embody a one-hour ‘Flying Start’ throughout that guests get to fly hawks.


The last but not the least is Sudeley Castle. During its thousand-year history, this brilliant castle has welcome many monarchs, as well as Richard III, Henry VIII and Charles I.


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