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Cougar Hot Springs Trail

As you walk the 1/4 mile trail to this clothing optional hot springs, you are enveloped in the dark hues of primeval woodland, touched by mottled light filtering down from treetops high above and the invigorating scene of the lagoon with the gorgeous Rider Creek waterfall spilling into it.There are six soaking pools spaced apart by rock walls laid out in steps down a ravine. Temperatures range from 85 degrees in the lower pool to 112 degrees in the upper pool. The pools are 3-12 feet across and an average of 2-3 feet deep. The pool floors are mostly bedrock but some gravel, sand and debris remain at the bottom of the pool.If you do visit this popular hot springs, please preserve the experience for you and for future visitors by observing the following: There is no alcohol allowed, the hot springs are for day use only and camping is restricted to developed campgrounds in the Cougar Recreation 


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