Cranberry Glades Botanical Area


AWAYN IMAGE Cranberry Glades Botanical Area
AWAYN IMAGE Cranberry Glades Botanical Area
AWAYN IMAGE Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

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The Cranberry Glades Botanical Area protects the largest bog area in West Virginia. In the northern areas of this country and in Canada, bogs are more commonly found in acidic wetlands. The soil in a bog is spongy and consists largely of partly decayed plant material called peat. Due to their unique conditions, some unusual plants grow in bogs, including carnivorous or insect-eating plants. The area of botany covers 750 acres. The Cranberry Glades consists of four bogs whose life in plants and animals is similar to that found in bogs or "muskegs" in the north.

This life spread south with changing climatic conditions allowing glaciers to crawl across our continent's northern part. Several species have ended their migration here, and the Cranberry Glades are now North America's southernmost point where some of these forms of life are found. Please take care of the Cranberry Glades! Two of the bogs have built a half-mile boardwalk so you can enjoy the area without disturbing this fragile community. Help protect these bogs and stay on the boardwalk, letting others enjoy the flowers. 

It took us only about 30-45 minutes to walk along the boardwalk along the full path. The plants and trees are lovely and relaxing pleasantly. Curious children may have fun identifying the various flowers, plants and trees. There are many carnivorous plants along the path that are very interesting to look at (and I'm not a plant / tree person* laugh). Great place worth stopping for, easy to get in and out of the scenic highway just to get out of the car and stretch and take a quick walk. 

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