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Hike to Judd Falls Trail

This trail was beautiful, there was never a bad view. ! Parts of the path were covered in snow but we were still able to hike on top of the snow. It wasn't bad at all. And the waterfall is incredible. There are two parking lots, one at the bottom near the road and another that would definitely require a sturdy 4x4 to reach about 1/2 mile up. This is where the trailheads are for 401 on one side and Judd Falls/Copper Lake on the other. There was light traffic yesterday afternoon on the trail. We saw a fox in the woods but thankfully he went away easily (I have big dogs). Plenty of gorgeous views along the way! Will be back next year for the wildflowers. The parking lots are small so prob only hold 20 cars max. So come early on busy days!! Took me a leisurely 1.5h to do the hike, with a lot of stopping to take pics.


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