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Crete Island - One week

Hi guys, this is my Crete trip review.

If you like hot places and awesome beaches it’s the place to visit. For sure you not gonna to regret spending some time there.

Pros: Really beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Cons: In my case, the very hot weather does not fit me, of course, it is my personal problem lol. Another point, during the summer, if are planning to stay not in the city center you may have problems with bugs, principally cicadas. The noise is really loud and quite annoying during the day.

Commuting: If you are not planning to stay in Chania (in my case Horafakia) the public transportation can be hard and a little bit expensive considering the distance. Also, it's not easy to go by foot to the

places, first because of the hot weather and second because the streets are very steep. As usual, the best approach is to rent a car. If you are staying in Horafakia, I recommend this place The lady was really friendly, helpful and made fun of me. At some point during the conversation I said to her: “I hope I don't get lost”, she looked at me and said: “Oh guy, it is an island!”. Also, the price is fair.Accommodation: Airbnb. Entire house.

This Airbnb was like a  treasure. The house is in front of the beach, just cross and street you can reach the sea. The hoster is really friendly. She picked us up at the airport, helped to rent the car and took the house. Her father made a really good (and strong) fresh handmade white wine!

As I told before, this Airbnb is located in Horafakia, it's about 12km far from Chania city center.  This accommodation was chosen because of the price and it's near the airport. The only one problem was the damn cicadas. (:

Tip: If you are planning to stay in this Airbnb take care on your way back at night. Is really easy to miss the house entrance lol. Believe me, I did it several times. lol

Following the  Airbrb link:

Weather: Only one word: HOT!  The average was about 35 degrees, during one of the days it was 42 degrees. So, don't forget the sunglasses, the sunblock, wear light clothes and keep a water bottle with you. Don't forget, it was summer, I have no idea how it is during the rest of the year.

Food: It's one of the best parts.

The typical greek food is really good. It's not heavy and very tasty. There a tradition after you finish your meal, you always receive some pieces of watermelon and a shot of Tsikoudia/Raki, quite strong alcoholic drink typical from Crete.

My favorite salted dish is named Souvlaki pie pork, it's was my dinner for few days. But there is nothing better than the Loukoumades dessert if you like sweets. Another good dessert is the mix of greek yogurt, honey, and melon.

Two places to eat cheap and tasty near the Airbnb: Taverna Irene and Boy's Taverna

What to see: The center of Chania is a good place to visit, especially at night, because of the lights on the Fort and the active nightlife. The sidewalk is full of restaurants and is possible to buy some handcrafted souvenirs in the small shops around the fort. Btw, take a time to try the icecream, it's nice!

Another very nice city is Heraklion, its located about two hours far from Chania. Heraklion as Chania has a Fort, but, the main difference is the Heraklion fort is open for visitors. You are able to visit for free many rooms and walk on the roof.Another point very famous in Heraklion is The Palace of Knossos, if you love history and ruin you gonna like it, but to be honest, the entrance tickets are really expensive and I did not see outstanding stuff to justify the costly ticket. 

On the way between Heraklion and Chania there are several beaches, just park the car and go, but, in Retinom city (in the middle of the way) there are really cozy and calm places on the beach to lay down and relax.

Still talking about beaches, in the extreme northwest of the island, you can visit Balos. The access to this place is not easy, you really need a car and you must go down by stairs made by rocks. Also, the path is not easy, I suggest you to use sneakers to reach the beach. The way is quite long, you gonna take about 20/30 minutes from the top to the beach, but believe me, it's completely worth! Tip: Take water and snacks.       

Best time: You cannot miss the Balos beach, but the sunset the in Crete is amazing, the most beautiful I already have seen until the moment.

Flight company: RyanAir - Direct flight from Krakow

Expenses: 1k Euros in total (Tickets, Airbnb, car rental, food, for 2 people)

Total days: 7


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