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Crooked Forest Gryfino

That forest appeared in the 30s last century. About 80 year ago only and it's already a mystery. I though that place is more known and popular among travellers. It was not easy to find it. I hired a car with a driver from Szczecin to go there. Although the Crooked forest is a protected area, there were no signs with the directions there at all. No special permit is needed to get there. I read different theories why the trees are crooked, like bad energy in the ground, devil worshipers, tanks that broke the trees when they were young during WWII, that people did it for making furniture, boats, that the atmosphere there is strange, that birds are not heard there, no insects even, etc. The area with the crooked trees is on the edge of the huge pine trees forest. There are houses next to it. It is a very unique location to take picture but somewhat underwhelming in my personal taste. To get there you can take a 1A bus from Szczecin or train to Dolna Oldra. Stop almost at the entrance to Krzywy Las. Look for the tall apartment building with Lime green paint and walk down the dirt track. Take your first left and follow w the track. You will quickly reach the 'forest'. Enjoy if you are in the area. Give Gryfino the miss as it is a taxi ride away instead of a walk!


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