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Crouching Lion Hike

If you're in Oahu, you owe this hike to yourself! While it says you can't enter (like several other hikes on the island) but at your own risk, you can still do it. Take your time, enjoy nature around you and enjoy it. Make sure you veer left at the entrance and be prepared for a 25-minute uphill hike at a smooth pace. (Take plenty of water and when you leave, please bring your garbage). 

The entrance was difficult to find-located on the side of the highway bordering the bay of Kahana-and not to mention covered in sign posts ' do not enter '-there is no clear trail, only many small ones leading to different parts of the viewing track.

Even if it is not actively raining, this trail is steep, muddy and slippery. Flip flops, sandals and crocs are not suitable footwear-I had to watch a lot of folks trying to scale the trail in them and while it provided me with comic relief, they started having second thoughts about their footwear choice. There were about 2 stretches installed to assist with a rope, but the rest of the trail required branches and roots to be used. Since I took my time to stop and enjoy the views and take photos, the climb took about 40 minutes or so. 



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