Crystal Lake Hike


AWAYN IMAGE Crystal Lake Hike
AWAYN IMAGE Crystal Lake Hike
AWAYN IMAGE Crystal Lake Hike

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The trailhead for Crystal Crag lake starts in the parking lot next to Lake George. Google maps and Alltrails provides a great start location for this trail. I rate this trail as easy to moderate, its pretty much all climb for 80% of the trail when going out. I found the path to be kind of easy to lose in some places, but just remember the entire thing is switchbacks going up the mountain. Once you get halfway up the mountain there is some amazing viewpoints of Lake George where you can go out and sit on a rock. This view alone makes the trail worthwhile. About three quarters up the trail where the path starts to level out, there is a sign directing you to either the Mammoth Crest or Crystal Lake, just make a left here and keep going. Once you get to the lake you'll enjoy the peace and quiet along with the amazing scenery. Alltrails said this trail was on the busy side, but I only ran into one other person when hiking up this one. The hike in total length was about a 2.5 mile trail and you reach about 10,000 in altitude when going up the mountain. If you're not good at climbing up hills or run out of breathe at this altitude, be cautious.

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