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Mossen Costa i Llobera Gardens

One of the most special is the Costa I Llobera Gardens, located at the foot of Montjuïc facing the ocean, among the bizarre and curious places found in Barcelona. The gardens extend over six hectares and give a voyage through some of the most exotic species of cactus on the planet to faraway lands. Semi-desert, tropical, desert and high-mountain species. The region where the park is situated has its own microclimate with an average temperature that is 2-3 degrees hotter than the remainder of the town, making it the ideal location for these plant kinds.


Great cactus and exotic plants, great views of the city and the sea.Looking towards the sea, sheltered under Montjuïc mountain, it enjoys a privileged location just minutes from downtown Barcelona. This unique space offers a unique collection in the world: 3.16 hectares that are a journey through some of the most exotic species on the planet. These are species found in sub-desert areas, deserts and tropical regions, but also in high mountain areas. The area enjoys a special microclimate between two and three degrees above the average temperature of Barcelona.


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