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Cueva Ventana - Window Cave in Puerto Rico

In the north region of Puerto Rico lays a part of a natural formation of limestone in Cueva Ventana. During the past years, the Cave Cave, in Arecibo, has become a new tourist attraction, because through the tour you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the karst area of northern Puerto Rico. Among these, you can see copies of Ficus and the tree Cupey, whose sheet the Spaniards used to write letters, since when it dries it is similar to leather. The Cueva Ventana Tour is an irreplaceable ecologically preoccupied with adventures and experience. A 20 minute full length of a medium to moderation, hike will take you to discover a live cave that will lead you to eyewitness the most adrenaline-charged and striking breathtaking panoramic sight of Puerto Rico and The Caribbean. 

Hike your way up to the clifftop cave of Cueva Ventana, one of Puerto Rico’s top attractions, located in the Arecibo region of karst limestone peaks.  Tours run approximately every 20 minutes and have duration of 2 hours. In the course of the tour you’ll learn more about the Taino Indians, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico. Their portrayals, wall carved drawings and depictions are still seen on the walls of the caves today. You’ll also learn about the wildlife and fauna on the island. At one end of the cave, revel in a window-like view of a lush valley and the Caribbean Sea. At the end of the tour, there is a staircase where you can go down to the cave main that has a cavity of some 20 feet. Here, you can see the stalactites, Stalagmites, bats and insects characteristic of the ecosystem. At the end of the cave there are impressive openings in the mountain, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Wings Mountains of the area and the Rio Grande de Arecibo, for this reason it is given the name of the Cave window. The impressive opening gives you a beautiful view of the green mountains and the Río Grande de Arecibo that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. At times you can even grasp the view of the Cerro Punta peak in Jayuya, the highest in Puerto Rico. As you’re exploring the cave, you’re given a flashlight with a red filter so that it does not disturb the bats but still allows you to walk. You can use your camera equipment at the viewpoint, including the flash, since the natural light is there anyway. You cannot use your flash inside the caves on the way to the viewpoint. 



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