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Cycle around Babelsberg Park

Not far from Berlin, the Prussian rulers transformed Potsdam into one of the finest collections of palaces and gardens in the world.

Even though there’s an eclectic mix of styles across the landscapes of these parks still Potsdam set an artistic whole when taken together.

Babelsberg palace park is charmingly placed on the banks of the Havel River, which offers it's visitors spectacular views of Glienicke Bridge and the palace grounds of Glienicke Park.

The creation of this place began in 1833, commissioned by Crown Prince/Emperor William and his wife Augusta, who commissioned landscape architects Peter Joseph Lenné and Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau to design the park.

The Park Babelsberg has lovely scenery, including a newly renovated schools, walking/cycling paths, cafe, and a restaurant, some interesting older buildings, with their own history, access to the lake and fantastic views, especially of Glienicke Brücke.

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