Dance Salsa at MacArthur Park in L.A.


AWAYN IMAGE Dance Salsa at MacArthur Park in L.A.
AWAYN IMAGE Dance Salsa at MacArthur Park in L.A.
AWAYN IMAGE Dance Salsa at MacArthur Park in L.A.

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 MacArthur Park, formerly known as Westlake Park, is a late 19th-century green area, dedicated to General Douglas MacArthur in 1940. MacArthur Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Los Angeles, divided in two by Wilshire Boulevard. Although it was mostly known for dark events like murders and drug trafficking about two decades ago, this park today is a safe place to visit and spend a tranquil afternoon by the lake. 

Although many people still have bad memories from MacArthur Park, the fact is that what happened in the past, stayed in the past, and the modern time citizens of the Westlake area of L.A. have the absolute right to enjoy their weekends in this remarkable nature escape. 

The south side of the park has a large lake while the northern section is more dedicated to social events and gatherings, including a recreation center, a children's playground, soccer fields, bandshell, and amphitheater. The renovated bandshell hosts countless events from June to September, offering the local population to enjoy along with the beats of salsa, jazz, big band, and world music. Nowadays, Mac Arthur Park is a place where you can come with your friends and family on a Saturday afternoon and dance your worries away while your kids are playing safely. 

There is a local legend that tells the story of the swan couple Rudie and Susie, who in 1956 hatched five eggs on the island in the park's lake, and these five new swan offsprings were the first ones after a decade. 

MacArthur Park is a place with a tragic history, but a bright present and future. A place where everyone who visits this part of L.A. should spend an afternoon enjoying the green oasis and take a break from the concrete roads. If you're ever in the area, don't miss it!


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