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Scott Creek Beach

Davenport Beach located in Huntington Beach.  This beach is also known as Mother's Beach which comprises five manmade islands and is a mellow little beach that is used primarily by locals living in and around Hunting on Harbor. Revisit your childhood, grasp the metal chains, and start pumping. There’s nothing quite like flying through the air, your feet soaring up above the sand and the waves. Oh yeah, and this swing set is adult-friendly. That’s true, you don’t need to reverse-age Benjamin Button-style or be accompanied by a kid to legally have fun here. Come for the sunset with a picnic dinner and dine on the bench swing (or one of the picnic tables if you don’t want to balance your food in your lap). The beaches all over the place Davenport can get quite windy, so the residents take up extreme water sports to enjoy themselves. These South Bay Area folks surge to the coast, right from working in an office all day.

Santa Cruz is one of the premier ports on our coast for venturing out in search of the highly prized chinook "King" Salmon. The season opens in spring and continues through late summer. And yes, beginners are always welcome. Through the past two decades, the deliveries of fish have averaged 2,600,000 pounds per year with a peak of 7,000,000 pounds in 1947. In the past the leading species were sardines, sole, rockfish, salmon, mackerel, sablefish and albacore. In 1951 the chief species were sablefish, sole, rockfish, sardine, salmon, mackerel, albacore and smelt. There are always anglers on the pier but the sea-going sportsmen have been on the increase. Many boats will take out charter parties and there are seven scheduled party boats operating here through the summer. These wanton swimming universal on tour fish sometimes come within reach of the boats in the fall months. If a good fight is what you're looking for, then Albacore fishing is for you. 

Located on Highway 1, north of Davenport, CA. Surprisingly, situated next to the highway there was no one there when we stopped and we had the entire beach to ourselves. It is a very spacious beach with tide pools to explore at low tide. This is not a pet friendly beach though. Parking is on the shoulder of the highway and no facilities are located here. There's always lots of surfers and kite surfers here. Don't forget to bring layers because it gets kind of chilly and windy even during June. *This is a nudist beach, so if you want to go bare, dare!


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