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Deildartunguhver Thermal Spring

The idea that this hot spring, Deildartunguhver, can provide heating for a city over an hour away is fantastic, and the small amount of data provided at the site is interesting. And the idea that the steam from the earth is used to grow food in greenhouses next door is really cool. However it is mostly an industrial project so there is a lot of steam and a few cool pictures but it's just not as visually compelling as some of the (smellier) hot springs in the Myvatn area (or even Geysir). Easily accessible, not too crowded in late August and combines nicely with a visit to the detour-worthy Hraunfoss/Barnfoss waterfalls about 20 minutes away. The springs are difficult to photograph as lenses will quickly fog so have a lens cloth to hand if possible. The information regarding the use of the heat is fascinating. The tomatoes on sale at the "honour" booth were fresh, tasty and survived seveal days in the boot of our hire car as an addition to lunches on the run.


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