Hike The Delicate Arch trail


AWAYN IMAGE Hike The Delicate Arch trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike The Delicate Arch trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike The Delicate Arch trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike The Delicate Arch trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike The Delicate Arch trail

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You owe it to yourself to go and see this place!Doesn't matter how crowded it gets. The Delicate Arch trail is beautify and the arch itself is sublime. The trail, while marked for the most part by cairns, can be a bit difficult to navigate if you're alone or unsure of the area. I was following a solo hiker ahead of me and missed one of the turns and this brought me out to the opposite side of the bowl that Delicate Arch sits at the top of. While you can still get up to the arch from here, there was a bit of tricky footing up near the top that could potentially be dangerous, so if you're ever unsure, turn around and try to find the right trail. At the top though, it was gorgeous. A lot of reviews I've read said that this arch is better at sunset, but I wasn't able to stick around the park till then. This arch at sunrise was no joke, though. Definitely worth getting lost and nearly falling into the bowl. Breathtaking, humbling, and terrifying all at once. I even had the arch all to myself for a few minutes - plenty of time to do all the cliche photos with no strangers to edit out. Heading back down, I passed a lot of groups coming up, and by this point it must have been in the 80s. I would definitely recommend losing some sleep to hike this trail in the early morning - just be sure to stay aware of your surroundings and not to test nature's limits.THERE IS NO SHADE ON THIS TRAIL. When you see the signs saying "don't hike between the hours of 11 and 3," listen to them. The sun is relentless and will quickly make a fun hike turn miserable and dangerous.

Besides, the lighting is so much better in the morning and evening and you won't have to compete with inconsiderate tourists to get an empty shot of the arch.

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