Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi


AWAYN IMAGE Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi
AWAYN IMAGE Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi
AWAYN IMAGE Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi
AWAYN IMAGE Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi
AWAYN IMAGE Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi

Activities: SkateboardingSkateboarding

Amenities: Bike Parking Bike Parking


Gunung Kareumbi, originally I heard the name of this area from a friend who did leadership training company here. After googling here and there, the location is not too far away. 

Incidentally there will also be a gathering event, so just survey the location. At a glance from the information on the internet, it looks like a forest area kareumbi promising enough to be an alternative natural tourist destination. 

In addition the outstanding photographs also look good. The full name of this place is Mount Masigit Kareumbi Buru Park (TBMK). Initially, this location is indeed a hunting area. But eventually converted into conservation forest areas. In addition, the area of ​​masigit kareumbi also developed as a natural tourist area is quite unique. You can just stay, hiking, training and outbound, and others.Basic facilities in this place is quite complete. Here there are accommodations that can be used to stay like a house kareumbi tree, house deer, homestead and hall, and camping ground area.Other facilities available include; cafeteria, mushala, car parking area and large enough motorcycle, toilets, rooms (for training classes etc.) If you are into biking Masigit Kareumbi Bike Park you can ride around the forest area. The track may be pretty challenging, so prepare your physical and bike well. Here there is also camping ground lho. So you can use this area for activities like outdoor training and the like. In addition, you can use the area masigit kareumbi as a place for corporate training, the location of family or organization gathering, or just gathering have fun only. Kareumbi area tour manager will provide all your needs. In short you just bring body and change clothes only.    

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