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Camp at Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi

Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi (TBMK)  is located in the village of aid Tanjungwangi in West Java. This region is divided into three administrative areas of Bandung, Sumedang, and Garut. 

 Though this incredible place was initially established as a hunting area,  it eventually converted into a family conservation/camp forest.  

Although the condition of the roads to this forest tends to be rocky,  you still can reach here within two hours from the city of Bandung. 

Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi offers many options for your overnight camps. Kareumbi tree, house deer, homestead and hall, and camping ground area are name of the few. Other facilities available include; cafeteria, car parking area and large enough motorcycle, toilets, rooms (for training classes, etc.) 

If you are into biking, you can ride around the forest area through Masigit Kareumbi Bike Park. The track may be pretty challenging, so prepare your physical and bike well. 

Overall this place is a great place to snap some cool pictures of your instagram! 


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