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Enjoy the view of Dettifoss Waterfall (Lake Myvatn)

Dettifoss Waterfall has said to be one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe at 193 m3/s, and it does live up to its name! This incredible heavy volume of water will be putting out makes your hairs stand on end. The sheer size of the waterfall is overwhelming and people wanted to get as close as possible to the water, especially from the East bank where you can almost touch the water.

The area around the falls is also a fantastic place to wander around! The black and almost moon-like soil is like much of the north you're not sure you're still on Earth. It's a fair walk to the falls from the parking lot, so if you have any walking impairment take note. If you are visiting from the West, the walk to Sellfoss Waterfall is to the right. The walk is again over the uneven surface but the boulders are all below knee height so it is not impossible for elders either physically fit or properly equipped with walking sticks.


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