AWAYN IMAGE Devetashka cave
AWAYN IMAGE Devetashka cave

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The Devetashka cave is positioned 18 kilometers northeast of Lovech and 2 kilometers of the village of Devetaki. The cave is additionally regarded as Maarata or Oknata for its seven different sized holes in the ceiling, via which daylight penetrates and illuminates the central corridor and section of its two fields.

In the establishing of the 1950s, serious explorations of the cave have been held, regarding its transformation into a warehouse. The studies confirmed that the Devetashka cave used to be inhabited (with some interruptions) at some point of almost every historic era. The earliest traces of human presence date lower back to the middle of the Early Stone Age earlier than about 70,000 years BC. The Devetashka cave is among the cave deposits with the richest cultural artifacts from the Neolithic (6th millennium – 4th millennium BC).

The entrance of the cave is 35 meters vast and 30 meters high. About 40 meters after the entrance, the cave widens, forming a spacious corridor with an location of 2,400 rectangular meters. The peak of the hall is 60 meters; at some places it reaches 100 meters.

About 200 meters of the entrance, the two fields separate from the hall. The left one is more than 2 kilometers long, a small river runs along it, which passes via the main corridor and flows into the Osam river. The right discipline is warm and dry. Its entrance is 2.5 meters high and 5.7 meters wide. The subject widens after the entrance and varieties a rectangular hall – 50 meters length and 10-15 meters wide. This area ends with a small gallery with a spherical room, additionally known as the Altar.


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