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Dining and Water Adventures at Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a manmade paradise at Newport Beach in California, and it is a unique blend of outdoor activities, flower garden restaurants, and a mild climate perfect for a spring and summer vacation. Walking around, driving, or renting a bike to explore this cute island, it's up to you, but I would recommend cycling if you want to feel like a local. 

Newport Beach is one of the world-class surfing spots in California that attract countless wave hunters, while there are also kayaking and paddle boarding opportunities for the ones with less adrenaline need. All in all, Balboa Island is a remarkable place to be, especially if you planning on a romantic trip. From Newport Beach to the island you get via ferry, a bridge, or a pedestrian dock. 

One of the must-do things while visiting Balboa is dining at one of the waterfront restaurants that offer different types of food, ranging between Italian and Mexican. These cute restaurants are dotted next to each other, and most of them have tiny terraces decorated with colorful flowers, attracting visitors to spend a pleasant afternoon by the water. 

Going on a ferry ride around the island is another thing you can do if you want to explore the area the way the locals do it. Having spending cash on you and small bills is useful for paying all the rides, amusement, and snacks. 

Balboa Island is a place where you can spend one full day and then go back for your vacation at Newport Beach, or spend a couple of days of unforgettable sunsets, sailing, and paddleboarding. 

Thanks to the warm weather most of the year, here you can enjoy beach time any season you want. 

If you ever visit Newport Beach, make sure you take a ferry to the nearby Balboa Island and try the delicious meals at one of the adorable restaurants.



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