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Dip in Krosslaug hot pool

Krosslaug are two geothermal pools close to the Birkimelur that was built by the local youth association in 1948. The name of the pool, Krosslaug originating from the time of the Conversion to Christianity, which took place back in the year 1000 at Alþingi in Þingvellir. When the heathen Vikings from the west faced a cold immersion baptism in Lake Þingvallavatn, they protested so they decided on being baptized in the hot spring Krosslaug. For that, the water had to be blessed prior to the baptism of the heretics. 

Due to severe weather, the concrete swimming pool was reconstructed several years ago. 

The concrete pool is filled with warm water, around 100°F. The view from both the pool is magnificent! when the sky is clear you might be able to catch  Snaefellsjokull Glacier which is located in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula on the other side of the fjord. 


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