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Dip in the Nauthólsvík beach

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach is a paradise for people who love diverse recreational activities, such as swimming, relaxing in hot tubs and enjoying a steam bath, Nauthólsvík attracts over half a million visitors annually.

The Nauthólsvík beach was constructed by importing golden sand and constructing seawalls to preserve the lagoon, which is heated with warm excess water.  Hot water is pumped into this man-made lagoon and the outcome is a refreshing swimming pool with 15°-19°C tempreture during the summer.

Over the years, Nauthólsvík became a popular outdoor area for runners, cyclists and cold water enthusiasts, who  plung into the extermly cold ocean and run back to dip in the warm lagoon!

There’s a playground for beach volleyball and a BBQ area available for picnics with friends or family.



Running Running
Relaxing Relaxing
Swimming Swimming
Tourism Tourism


Child Friendly Child Friendly
Picnic Area Picnic Area
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Live Weather

Temprature NOW: 11.99°C
Temprature Maximum: 12.03°C
wind Wind: 3.09
Humidity Humidity: 54%
Pressure Pressure: 999(mb)
sunrise sunrise: 2023-10-01 07:35:19
sunset sunset: 2023-10-01 18:59:33

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