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Discover the Best Scenic Experience at Bensberg Old Castle

Bensberg Old Castle is a unique building similar to the medieval fortress that experienced many changes in the past. The beautiful medieval castle was mainly built to protect trade during the past centuries. The castle, therefore, is among the best places that you can visit to have a breath-taking experience with family and friends.


Everything about Bensberg Old Castle is perfect, and it is among the best fortress with elegant buildings with additional modern features and style. Despite being the oldest structure, it is built with style and great ambience. The building also dominates among the small towns located in Bensberg since it stands firm and unique, unlike other structures that crash each other at the rooftop.


Bensberg Old Castle underwent many changes that transformed into the new town hall. It is also home to a hotel and a spar with rooms and suites for accommodation — the best thing about the hotels is the presidential suite that has private services for its visitors. The rooms are fitted with marble bathrooms, WIFI, cable TVs, comfortable beds and soft furnishing with 24 hours hotel and room service.


The hotel offers a variety of foods from diverse backgrounds, which create more credit and appreciation. You can also join the Sunday champagne while in the old-fashioned surrounding. Besides you get to enjoy well-served breakfast with bunches all through the week.


Ultimately, this is the best place to spend your holiday with friends and family as you tour the town of Bensberg Old Castle and enjoy the medieval ancestor’s footprints. Bensberg is a 45 minutes’ drive through SB40 from the central station located at Cologne. There is also parking for small cars.


Overall, the scenic place is also located close to the hotels, so you will not need to work for a long distance to access them. It is, therefore, the best public place that you can visit free. However, it is essential; to remember concerts are usually held at the backyard since the castle is a place of work.



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