Discover the secrets of Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach


AWAYN IMAGE Discover the secrets of Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Discover the secrets of Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Discover the secrets of Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Discover the secrets of Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach

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If you feel like escaping the busy routine for a few days, Sinji's Myeongsasimni Beach could be the perfect destination, away from the crowds of tourists. In addition to offering attractions, the sea is in a beautiful area: Jeolla del Sur. Come and find out in person!

Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach is 360 km from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Organize yourself well and take the opportunity to also explore this famous destination: surely you do not regret it.

Bathe your feet in the water, let yourself be hypnotized by the movement of the tide and breathe calmly to forget everything. If you look for a beach vacation full of peace, Jeolla del Sur awaits you. You may also want to visit Hamdeok Beach, which is usually liked by those who would spend hours on the beach. And, from there, the route that separates you from the beauty of Playa de Iho is not long.

Take a few days off to surround yourself with a fresh natural environment, explore splendid landscapes and see stunning panoramic views in the area. Wolchulsan National Park, just 50 km away, is a recommended visit that will surprise you. It is the ideal place to picnic. A jewel that you cannot stop seeing.

What you are looking for is to get the most out of your rest days? Get ready to dive into this area that shines with its light. You can reach Wando Tower, just 5 km southwest. Here you will discover ChangPoGo Monumental Hall and Myeongsasimni Beach of Sinji. When you organize your vacation, don't forget Wando Arboretum. The Ttangkkut Marine Natural History Museum and Mihwangsa Temple stand out here, and it is only 14 km away. Are you going to miss it?

Make the most of your days at Myeongsasimni Beach in Sinji to get close to the tourist attractions of the Jeollanamdo Agricultural Museum, which is located 60 km northwest. As an example, you can explore the National Maritime Museum of Korea, Mokpo Natural History Museum and Mokpo Domestic Ceramics Museum. If you have more time, Mokpo Cultural Center of Art and Mokpo Gatbawi Rock deserves a visit.


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