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Dive down to Cancun Underwater Museum

Originally known as ‘MUSA’ or ‘Museo Subacuático de Arte, the Cancun underwater museum welcomes nearly 750,000 tourists every year.

This hidden gem is located within the islands of Cancun and Isla Mujeres on the coast of Mexico, and offers has nearly three galleries that showcase a variety of themes reflecting the subtle differences of this fishing community.

Dedicated to conserving the fragile ecology of the Mesoamerican Reef this project began in 2009 and is now covered with beautiful coral formations and surrounded by fish, making the Underwater Museum an artificial reef to host marine life.

To get to this beautiful museum you can either scuba, snorkel or take the glass bottom boat tour to see the sculptures. Some of the sculptures are located 8 meters below the surface so can only be seen while scuba diving. Many sculptures are 3-4 meters deep and so can be seen while snorkeling. 

You have plenty of time to explore the 1,600 feet of installation space, with figures inspired by real-life residents of Puerto Morelos, a nearby fishing town.

If you are new water enthusiasts or a youngster then, snorkeling is a more sensible option since you will be only hit the shallow reefs without having to worry about the dangers of deep depths. To make it simpler you could also take training in snorkeling for a few hours and use that pass to explore the shallow reefs of Nizuc throughout the day. 

After your snorkeling expedition, relax with fruit and refreshments on the boat as you cruise back to the marina.

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