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Dive into the waters of Ichetucknee Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is the largest spring housed in a wooded area of Ichetucknee Springs State Park. The boardwalk is about 1/3 mile and the Spring is approximately 40 feet deep. It forms a pool that flows across a shaft of limestone and finally opens into a giant cave. You can see the opening of the Blue Hole standing from the shore. The sight is delightful and spectacular when you watch the transparent blue water shining in the sunlight. The striking beauty encompasses tranquillity with nature at its best.

Ichetucknee Blue Hole in Florida is known as the Jug Spring by the adventure-stricken community of cave divers. The waters of this spring along with a few others feed the Ichetucknee River. The Blue Hole pumps around 67 million gallons of water daily. And, that is why you are being pushed back when you try to swim across the boil. The deep cyan and clear waters are home to a diversified and unequivocal marine life. 

The Blue Hole Spring opens into a flooded cave system which is a popular site for scuba diving. This Jug Spring is open to swimmers round the year. However, to submerge and explore the underwater ecosystem, you have to come during the period from October till March. If you prefer hiking, this place provides the perfect setting for trails. It is a sight of historical importance. Traces and artifacts belonging to the Prehistoric Americans have been unearthed from here. The confluence of culture, history and artistic beauty of nature make this place remarkable. 

The cool and deep waters of the Spring are inviting and tempting for divers as well as non-divers. Swim with turtles and colorful fishes along with exploring the unknown depth of the pool. The Pristine Blue Hole is a must-visit tourist attraction. 



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