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Captuer the Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

I have just come back from a dope weekend in Lulworth Cove where we did a 12.11 miles walk! We started out in the beautiful cove and walked along the beach then up steps to the coastline range walk. This goes through MOD land usually used for range practice and tanks. Had I realized how arduous parts of the walk were going to be I might not of started! However, the views are amazing out to the sea and inland. We walked as far a flowers barrow and then decide to turn back towards the cove taking the overland route back. This part of the walk took us 4 hours with stops in between for recovery and snacks! We stopped in the cove for lunch at our hotel. We then continued our walk towards Durdle Door up a steep hill that has been paved to make it easier to walk although parts can be slippy where the stone has become like polished glass because so many feet have trodden over them. When you reach Durdle Door it is amazing how the rock has formed into a type of beautiful gateway to the sea. We arrived late in day just as the sun was getting lower in the sky creating lovely red tones. We descended down to the beach and relaxed looking out to the sea. A lovely way to end the walk and a lovely end to the day. Definitely worth the effort. Make sure you wear sensibly footwear!


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