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Dursey Loop Walk

This next walk is 14km loop so will take upwards of 4 hours to complete. Plus factor in the time it takes to travel by cable car, yes part of the loop takes in a cable car over the Atlantic Ocean. The Dursey Loop Walk takes you around the peninsula and Dursey Island. Expect ocean views, cliffs, and the beauty of this isolated island. It’s a really novel hike in such a remote part of Cork. 

Next up is The Mount Hillary Loop. It’s a mix of forest and mountain trails so again wear comfortable shoes with grip for the terrain. This 10km looped route should take about 3 hrs with the mountain summiting at 290m. From the peak you will see the beautiful Cork countryside including landmarks like the valleys of Duhallow, Ballyhoura, Galtee and Derrynasaggart Mountains. 


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