Dutch Windmill


AWAYN IMAGE Dutch Windmill
AWAYN IMAGE Dutch Windmill
AWAYN IMAGE Dutch Windmill
AWAYN IMAGE Dutch Windmill

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Located on the west side of the Golden Gate Park, there are two windmills that once served a functional purpose for the town, but now stand as regal depictions of their former selves. The windmills are still solidified in a profound history connected to the town of San Francisco, lacking in their previous luster and renowned complex craftsmanship. Once upon a time, these majestic attractions were liable for daily pumping up to 1 1⁄2 million gallons of water. They are now serving as historic gems that need a little polishing before they shine to their greatest potential.


THINGS TO DO a) Take a photo: Both windmills create an amazing snapshot, particularly the biggest of its kind, the South specimen.


B) Enjoy the Tulips: The Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden is in complete bloom when you visit the North Windmill. During the months of February and March the best time to visit this function.


C) Stop By Beach Chalet: this brewpub / restaurant, located near the North Windmill, offers dining, drinking and entertainment.


D) Celebrate King's Day: join the Netherlands Bay Area community towards the end of April, celebrating its traditions and culture with its own version of one of the largest national festivities in the Netherlands. Have fun playing games, music and dance with ancient Dutch children. Participate in a bicycle trip for the group. Browse the flea market products. Sample delicious Netherlands food with a beer swig.

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