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Dynjandi (Fjallfoss)

It takes time to get there, including from Isafjordur, but probably more so from anywhere else you might start from in Iceland, and the drive there from Isafjordjur, and the scenery on the way was well worth it. The west fjords are really, really an area worth discovering and looking at. Dynjandi itself can be seen from several miles away, on your approach, and looks suitably dramatic and beautiful. It is also impressive when you arrive at its foot and are invited to climb up its side. As you climb the views of the surrounding fjords are magnificent and the silence (apart from bird song), is impressive and stunning. Be aware that it is a stiff climb to the base of the falls but worth i. Walk up to see each of these different sized smaller falls, each interesting in it's own way. Then hike up the steep path (believe me it's worth the effort) to see the one right at the top. It's massive. Flowing down thunderously over the mountain top with the sun's rays a silver lining, it falls to the base in a wide stream. This is what you don't see from the base. And from here also view the entire flow of water as it leaps in steps down to the sea.


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