AWAYN IMAGE Ear of Dionysius
AWAYN IMAGE Ear of Dionysius
AWAYN IMAGE Ear of Dionysius
AWAYN IMAGE Ear of Dionysius

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The highest cave I've ever seen is just vast and well worth the money to get to the site just to be able to say you've visited it. The teardrop shape of the Ear of Dionysus cavern (Orecchio di Dionisio in the original Italian) is renowned for acoustic properties that amplify even the quietest of sounds, allowing them to be heard through an opening at the top, some 72 feet from the ground.

Legend has it that when Caravaggio was here (recently excaped from Malta prison) he named this cave in 1608. Furthermore, the legend says that the acoustics allowed local tyrant Dionysius to hear the voices of the prisoners held here, thus adding to his reputation. Today's place is almost bucolic. In the adjacent quarry, lemon trees grow; birds sing; and the area is quite pleasant. Until recent years, the nearby Grotta dei Cordari (rope makers ' cave) was occupied by the rope-making industry. The cave today is structurally unsound and closed. It takes only five minutes or so to walk down to this area when visiting the theater. I strongly recommend a visit. 

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