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Ijen Crater-Indonesian Volcano Lava East Java

The gate is open at 1 AM local time. Better to go early so there's time to see famous blue fire for a while, and you can get the best spot. Moreover, going early allows you to avoid crowd and return earlier to enjoy other interesting features like sunrise and sulphur miners. Some useful tips, assuming you wish to go early successfully: 1. If you are with tour guide, nothing to worry about going to Paltuding. If you ride car/motorcycle, be aware that the road to Paltuding is totally dark (no street lights on last 5 km), steep, and has potholes. 2. Prepare flashlight/headlamp, gloves, jackets, etc to keep you warm. It is around 15 degrees Celcius at the top. Food and drinks are essential as well. 3. Guide is NOT mandatory, no matter what people say. 4. Gas mask is highly recommended especially if you wish to get closer look at blue fire. 5. The 3 km trekking path is easy to follow. Just walk up on steep dirt road. If you don't know where to go, look for baskets left by miners. It leads to correct path. Also, you can tail other group 6. Beware of sulphur cloud! Around the top, you'll smell something like rotten egg. Put the gas mask on for maximum safety. When you go down into crater, always put it on. Sometimes the wind changes and blow to your direction. When it happens, move away from crater. 7. The blue fire is visible but difficult to capture unless you have sophisticated gear like DSLR camera. I recommend to enjoy the moment and start taking more pictures after sunrise.


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Temprature NOW: 24.31°C
Temprature Maximum: 24.31°C
wind Wind: 0.6
Humidity Humidity: 90%
Pressure Pressure: 1009(mb)
sunrise sunrise: 2023-02-08 22:33:46
sunset sunset: 2023-02-09 10:56:48

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