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Eibsee, Grainau, Germany

Eibsee Lake is a beautiful alpine lake in the southern part of Bavaria, Germany. It is also located about 8 miles southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen beneath the Zugspitze Mountain. It is also about 100 yards from the Zugspitze Mountain cable car building. The lake is actually owned by the family that owns the Eibsee Hotel (on the banks of the lake) and they have built a nice dirt walking path around the entire lake (which they have named the Eibsee Loop Trail).  Excellent place for a short excursion even during winter! 7 km hike all around the lake in -15 Celsius, you feel your lung is getting cleaned up, you can cut the air it is so heavy. If you are visiting the Zugspitze Mountain I recommend that you walk over and check out this beautiful lake and hiking path. We got off the mountain cable car and walked the short distance to the lake. The hike is easy and there are several benches along the trail if you want to take a break.


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